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Picture of a caucasian woman sitting on a bench with trees on the background. She wear black clothing, glasses and smiles at the camera.
Hi, I'm Aline! 👩🏻‍🎨

I'm a chill illustrator and designer, based in Curitiba - Brazil. I love having fun and learning new things.


My work is energetic and full of color. Collaborating with brands to create products that bring joy is my passion.


Transforming ideas into beautiful visuals is what I enjoy the most. As a versatile artist, I have experience in various areas, including character illustration, marketing design, and user-friendly interfaces. I take pride in delivering high-quality work that connects with the audience.


If you're looking for a passionate illustrator and designer to collaborate with, let's connect! Feel free to reach out to me at


I'm excited to hear about your project!

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