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Have a project in mind?

If you want to chat about a project contact me at


I can help solve your creative problems with:

Editorial illustration | Educational illustration | Infographics | Mascots, caricatures and other characters | T-shirt design | Video stills | Posters and more!

Need help writing a brief?


The information below will allow me to understand your project better:

Number of illustrations/designs expected

Dimensions: dimensions or size for the illustrations or designs you need. If it's for publishing, it's helpful to know the page area, such as whether it should cover a full page, half page, or be a smaller "spot" illustration.

Deadline: when do you need the project to be completed?

Context: provide some background information about you. Sharing a link to your company website can give a better understanding of your style and preferences. Additionally, let me know how the work will be used so we can tailor it to the appropriate purpose and audience.

Style examples: if you have any specific artwork examples that showcase the style you're aiming for, please share them with me. It'll me understand your vision better.

Use: The cost of the project depends on how the designs will be used and the extent of their distribution. Please specify the type of use and the number of times the designs will be viewed or reproduced. Here are some categories:
• Private use: These are original paintings or prints meant for personal enjoyment, with no commercial use or reproduction required.
• Commercial use: This refers to any design that promotes or represents a brand, event, or business. It includes usage on literature, signage, packaging, websites, merchandise, and more.
• Commercial use duration: Typically, jobs fall into one of the following durations: six months, one year, three years, five years, or perpetual use (long-term).

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out, I'm here to help!

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